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  • Red Pure Himalayan Salt® Large Coarse
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Himalayan Salt Red x-Large Rock Salt (6-10mm) Crystal Sea 1 Pound

2.00 LBS
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Product Description

The best Pure Himalayan Salt fully certified by FDA # 150739300442

Kosher, Vegan, Organic, Unprocessed, winner of several taste awards!

What makes Pure Himalayan Salt the best choice?


Contains same 84 minerals present in human body


The C-C-C pure crystalline bonds when mixed with spring water, are identical to the body's

saline solution


and the body’s blood




Crystalline structure which is easily absorbed into our cells. It’s as if your body says “I

remember you – you are good – come on in” a


llowing for easy absorption (internally or transdermally).

All minerals are naturally present from ancient primordial ocean that once

existed in the Himalayas.


Imagine purchasing sea salt from the Gulf of Mexico or from Japan with Fukushima still



. The crystalline bonding encapsulates all the natural minerals and is protecting Pure

Himalayan Salt from modern day


pollutants, toxins, oil spills or plastic reefs forming in our



Pure Himalayan Salt is hand washed


Hand Chiseled


Sun Dried


Never Processed


Never Heated


Never has anything added to it (including bleach or Iodine)


Certified pure by the FDA Certification#: 15073930442


All Pure Himalayan Salt is Food Grade - even our bath salts!


Halal, Kosher and Organic Pure Himalayan Salt tastes better than any other salt.


When Pure Himalayan Salt is put in front of a barnyard animal (cow, horse..etc) together

with commercial “salt licks” the animal instinctively is drawn to Pure Himalayan Salt. It is us

humans that have a learning curve.

Table Salt

is heavily processed, heated to 1200 degrees, bleached, and a variety of chemicals are

added to it (including bleach, anti


-caking agents and Iodine) It is reduced to its most simple form:

Sodium Chloride which is a known poison to the human body. The hum


an organism does the only thing

it can do with this poison, it attempts to neutralize it by using its own precious cell water to dilute

it and then it stores this poison in a variety of places including the joints, kidneys and liver, creating

toxic pockets. By being forced to pull cellular water from the cells, it causes dehydration in the

body and thus creates edema, swelling, cramping, high blood pressure, difficulties sleeping, and

joint discomfort. Almost every packaged food in this country contains sal


t and the amounts in

frozen foods are beyond belief. Why? Because salt not only drives flavor, but it also is a

preservative. Unfortunately the sodium chloride that is in these foods is a poison and thus you can

see how dis-


ease is common for people who live on processed foods and eat out in restaurants

especially fast food places where the poor quality of the food will require that much more salt.

Product Videos

8 Surprising Health Benefits of Pink Himalayan Sea Salt 01:47

8 Surprising Health Benefits of Pink Himalayan Salt Benefit #1 – Provides Your Body with 84 Minerals & Other Bio Compounds Pink salt is widely regarded as the cleanest, purest, and most “mineral-dense” version. Therefore you’re going to be able to enjoy an injection of 84 much needed minerals and other bio-compounds directly into your bloodstream. Benefit #2 – Effective for Detox Water is of the utmost importance to detoxify the human body, but salt is the “vehicle” that allows you to transfer toxins from healthy cells to your bloodstream. From there, you will be able to push them out of your systems! Benefit #3 – Lowers Your Blood Pressure Levels It has been proven to help reduce your pressure dramatically, while at the same time stimulate better blood circulation. Himalayan salt is absorbed into your bloodstream much more efficiently than regular, run-of-the-mill salt. Benefit #4 – Relaxes Your Muscles as Well as Your Mind Himalayan salt has a unique composition and ability to be absorbed into the bloodstream more quickly than traditional salts, the pink Himalayan version will allow you to restore and replenish your muscles in a hurry! Benefit #5 – Banishes Sinus Issues & Respiratory Conditions Mixed with hot water and dissolved, it can clear up sinus issues and improve any respiratory conditions you have been dealing with (including asthma). These pink crystals emit negative Ions, you’ll be able to attack your sinus issues with the full force! At the same time you will not ever compromise your respiratory system (or any of your other bodily systems, for that matter)! Benefit #6 – Helps you sleep better Benefit #7 – Use as Bath Salt will help with Balancing Out Your Body’s Acidity & Alkaline Levels. Benefit #8 – Promotes Health of Your Arteries This salt can help you to eliminate all damage to your arteries that could potentially lead to the creation of varicose or “spider veins”. I am not a doctor and this is all opinion and entertainment!

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